22 Fantastic Forest Theme Bedroom Ideas

Bring the jungle vibes indoors with these Forest Theme Bedroom Ideas and enjoy a virtual safari in the comfort of your bed!

Awaken the fantasy lover in you and try out these exciting Forest Theme Bedroom Ideas for a wacky indoor makeover!

Forest Theme Bedroom Ideas

1. Creative Treehouse Cum Midsleeper for the Kid’s room

A fantastic Forest Theme Bedroom Idea for kids, it gives plenty of freshness and jungle vibes, along with a mid-sleeper that has abundant playing space beneath.

2. Bohemian Bedroom Decor with Plants and Books

A lovely idea for reading enthusiasts, this Bohemian bedroom mixes flora with knowledge and makes an excellent room choice.

3. Living Foliage Wall and Faux Tree Trunk in the Bedroom

Another great Forest Theme Bedroom Idea that combines a faux tree trunk in the room and a living wall to keep the room elegant yet fun.

4. Tropical Bedroom with Palms Blocking the Sunlight

5. 3D Jungle Wall and Faux Animals in the Room

Another great Forest Theme Bedroom Idea for kids, it gives a makeover with a 3D jungle look. With kids leaving their faux toys everywhere, the wall will complement the vibe and make it look organized.

6. Dino-Themed Bedroom Makeover

A dino-themed bedroom with shrubs and hanging plants uplifts the dinosaur toys and wall art beautifully.

7. Dino Park Cubicle for Fantasy Lovers

This dino park cubicle is a fantastic forest theme bedroom idea that brings the thrill and fantasy of books to real life.

8. Jungle Painted Wall with Animal Head Figurines

Animal head figures adorning a jungle-painted wall is a shoutout to taxidermy but in a safe and fun way that can give any bedroom a makeover.

9. Large Foliage Printed Wall and Mat for the Forest Vibes

With a foliage-printed wall and leaf-shaped mat, this bedroom brings the forest theme bedroom idea to life without much hassle. It is one of the best Forest Theme Bedroom Ideas on the list.

10. Comfy Bed with Hanging Plants Around

A cozy bed with a natural wooden frame surrounded by hanging succulents near a window screams love for anyone, especially your pet dog.

11. Nature-Inspired Study Room with Vining Branches

An eery but thrilling choice, this study room will bring old forests right into your bedroom with thin and attractive vining branches.

12. Forest Mural on the Wall

A calm forest mural on the wall matching the deep green sheets is a forest theme bedroom idea that demands less but provides much beauty and thrill.

13. Mini Indoor Hut Decked for the Holiday Season

A miniature hut for a private and cute space adorned with lights is a great forest theme bedroom idea that both kids and adults will love.

14. Tree House MidSleeper

An amazing tree house mid-sleeper in any room will modernize the classic idea and attract everyone to take a peek inside.

15. Tropical Bedroom with a Bohemian Touch

An amazing forest theme bedroom idea is to add a bohemian touch by adding tropical plants, vines, animal wall art, and figures.

16. 3D Christmas Trees on the Wall

With 3D Christmas trees uplifting the walls and tiny lights covering the bedstead, this forest theme bedroom idea can do no wrong.

17. Jungle Room with Ferns Hanging Around

Soft, luscious, and dense ferns that you just wanna feel, furnishing the bedroom will certainly make everyone want this room.

18. Jungle Themed Adventure Suit

An adventurous forest theme jungle idea that will make you feel you’re in a carnival with its ladders, nets, plants, decorative walls, and wooden door.

21. Reading Nook with a Foresty Backdrop

Book enthusiasts can add a foresty drop for the perfect reading space by adding wooden furniture, lambs, bird nests, and animal statues.

22. Indoor Adventure Park for the Toddler

One of the best forest-theme bedroom ideas for toddlers is an adventure park full of large faux animal toys, big-leafed plants, vines, and wooden decor.

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