22 Beautiful Pictures of Wine Glass Terrariums

These Beautiful Pictures of Wine Glass Terrariums will give you an idea to make cute little displays of plants to bring greenery inside your home!

Do you love miniature terrariums and like showing off plants in a cute little place? If yes, then we have some amazing Beautiful Pictures of Wine Glass Terrariums for you!

Beautiful Pictures of Wine Glass Terrariums 

1. Faux Succulents with a Miniature Old Man

2. Plants with Pebbles and Fake Mushrooms

3. Wine Glass Planter

4. Miniature Plants in a Wine Glass

5. Air Plant with Mini Owls and Pebbles

6. Glass Terrarium for Tabletops

7. DIY Wine Glass Terrariums for Succulents and Cacti

8. Mini Fake Snake and Nerve Plants

9. Plant in a Large Brandy Snifter

10. Twin Wine Glass with Plants

11. Wine Glass with Faux Plants and Garden

12. Succulent Garden in Two Wine Glasses

13. Fake Plants and Pebbles in a Red Wine Glass

14. Dark Green Succulents with Colorful Sand

15. Mini Garden in a Wine Glass

16. Cactus and Succulent Inside a Wine Glass

17. Trailing Succulents in Tall and Short Wine Glasses

18. Glass Terrarium by a Window

19. Succulent in a Colorful Glass

20. Cute and Small Plants in a LARGE Wine Glass!

21. Air Plants Trio

22. Plants in Different Shaped Glasses

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