33 Most Popular Hoyas | Stunning Types and Species of Hoya

Check out the Most Popular Hoyas that you can grow in your home and garden all year round. Some of them have beautiful fragrant flowers!

Hoyas are one of the most versatile plants you can grow. We bring you the Most Popular Hoyas to help you pick the best one!

Most Popular Hoyas

1. Hoya Carnosa

This vining succulent has branching stems, shiny, thick, green leaves, and clusters of fragrant light pink blooms.

2. Hoya Kerrii

This slow-growing, semi-succulent shows off bright green leaves and star-shaped creamy-white blossoms with a rose-purple center.

3. Hoya Krimson Queen

It offers a beautiful blend of dark green and a white hue on the leaves and pale-pink flowers with a magenta center.

4. Hoya Polyneura

Also known as ‘Fishtail Hoya,’ this delicate plant features thin leaves with a pretty pattern resembling a fishtail, hence the name.

5. Hoya Obovata

This unique variety showcases deep green, large, oval leaves with silver patterns. The blooms open in light pink to white color.

6. Hoya Australis

This evergreen climbing vine showcases long slender stems filled with shiny, thick succulent leaves. You can also grow it in hanging baskets.

7. Hoya Curtisii

Also known as Fung Wax Flower, Hoya Aloha, and Tiny-leaf Porcelain, this trailing epiphyte produces spade-shaped olive-green leaves splashed in silver-blue variegation.

8. Hoya Pubicalyx

This succulent vine offers thick, waxy, shiny leaves and cascading stems that climb beautifully with star-shaped blossoms.

9. Hoya Bella

This epiphyte has trailing stems, thick, shiny green leaves, and scented white-purple blossoms. It is one of the most popular hoyas you can grow!

10. Hoya Linearis

This hoya is different from other types; it does not have firm, large, waxy foliage. The leaves are soft, a bit hairy, and skinny.

11. Hoya Chelsea

This evergreen climber has thick, green, heart-shaped leaves with slightly raised edges and indistinct white spots.

12. Hoya Compacta

This plant features curly, thick, twisted cup-shaped green leaves. It is also popular as Hindu Rope and looks lovely with its pink blooms.

13. Hoya Lacunosa

It offers deep green fleshy leaves on hanging stems. The plant blooms throughout the year and produces sweet cinnamon-scented flowers.

14. Hoya Retusa

Commonly known as grass-leaved hoya, it displays delicate green tendril-like leaves. For best growth, make sure it gets bright indirect light.

15. Hoya Sunrise

Hoya Obscure ‘Sunrise’ produces beautiful oval-shaped, slightly curved leaves that turn red in sunny locations. The red hue makes the light green leaf veins more appealing.

16. Hoya Wayetii

It features vivid green succulent leaves with dark edges and distinct markings. For the best color, place it at an east-facing location.

17. Hoya Macrophylla

This hoya offers strong green leaves with yellow edges and clusters of small, star-shaped, creamy-white flowers with a pink tint.

18. Hoya Mathilde

It’s a cross between Hoya Carnosa and Hoya Serpens. This vining epiphyte offers waxy leaves and sweet-scented blossoms.

19. Hoya Callistophylla

This evergreen climber produces thick succulent green leaves with deep green veins and clusters of small blooms.

20. Hoya Kentiana

Hoya Kentiana has no prominent veins and displays dark margins on the foliage with a red hue. Make sure it gets 2-3 hours of direct morning sunlight.

21. Hoya Pachyclada

It exhibits thick green leaves and ball-shaped, citrus-scented clusters of glossy white blooms. The plant looks super cute in small pots.

22. Hoya Serpens

It is a small succulent trailing vine covered in round-shaped and dark green leaves with gray spots. It also blooms with scented flowers.

23. Hoya Bilobata

It produces small glossy green leaves and trails beautifully. The plant also shows off tiny red blooms that release sweet fragrance at night.

24. Hoya Burtoniae

This variety has plump, almond-shaped, slightly fuzzy foliage with red-brown edges. Grow it in small pots for a cute display of leaves and flowers.

25. Hoya Cumingiana

This cultivar has plumped green leaves and clusters of pretty yellow, star-shaped blooms with purple centers that emit a mango-like smell.

26. Hoya Nummulariodes

This hoya showcases chains of dark velvety semi-trailing leaves and star-shaped scented blooms. Keep it in bright indirect light for best growth.

27. Hoya Shepherdii

Also popular as ‘String Bean Hoya’, it displays strap-like, elongated green leaves with pendulous veins and fragrant flowers.

28. Hoya Finlaysonii

This hybrid features beautiful, buoyant vein patterns and clusters of globular white blossom with a red center that resembles gummy-bear candy.

29. Hoya Imbricata

This epiphytic climber is also popular as an ‘ant-plant’ because tiny creatures live under its foliage. It has thin, long climbing stems and patterned green leaves.

30. Hoya Krohniana

The heart-shaped leaves have silver splashes that pair well with pink-white flowers. For the best display, grow this plant in hanging baskets.

31. Hoya Rebecca

The light green-colored foliage has purple-red undersides and bright pink blooms with light yellow centers. Keep the plant in bright indirect light.

32. Hoya Rotundiflora

It offers dark green oblong leaves with dull red-brown hairs and white-cream blushed blooms with rose-pink centers.

33. Hoya Sigiilatis

Hoya Sigiilatis displays fleshy and thick leaves with silver-white markings. Grow it in hanging baskets and avoid overwatering.

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