24 Most Beautiful Fittonias You Can Grow | Nerve Plant Varieties

Discover the Most Beautiful Fittonias from the given list and pick one of your favorite nerve plant varieties for your home.

Have a look at the Most Beautiful Fittonias that you can grow indoors for a dramatic display of foliage with a pop of colors!

Most Beautiful Fittonias

1. Fortissimo

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Fortissimo’

This one is a large fittonia variety with beautiful green foliage embellished in pink and red veins. It can brighten up any corner of your home with its eye-catching beauty!

2. Black Star

Botanical Name: Fittonia verschaffeltii ‘Black Star’

‘Black Star’ is a lovely houseplant with dark emerald green leaves patterned in rich purple-red veins. Looks great with other light foliaged plants.

3. Angel Snow

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Angel Snow’

‘Angel Snow’ is a beautiful petite houseplant with rich green leaves. It also sports prominent white veins and splotches on edges.

4. White Brocade

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘White Brocade’

This is considered one of the most beautiful fittonia with big green leaves adorned with white veins. It is also the best indoor plant for low-light areas.

5. White Anne

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘White Anne’

This pleasant fittonia variety will definitely lift your mood with its lively beauty. The leaves have a more white hue than green, which makes it perfect for small and dark spaces.

6. Titanic

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Titanic’

Though the name doesn’t match with this small variety, you’ll love its variegation with white veins and green windows. It has slender and narrow leaves than superba.

7. Superba

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Superba’

This striking fittonia produces large leaves with beautiful variegation in white veins. It stays compact and looks perfect in small pots.

8. Stripes Forever

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Stripes Forever’

This cute looking variety is quite easy-to-grow and offers small dark green leaves with dense white veins. Its stripes make it one of the best plants to pair with other ones.

9. Ruby Red

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Ruby Red’

This compact plant shows off dark green leaves beautifully variegated with deep red veins. Grow it in contrasting shade pots for a more attractive look.

10. Red Star

Botanical Name: Fittonia  ‘Red Star’

‘Red Star’ offers stunning small green leaves densely striped in deep red-pink. It can be a beautiful addition to your living room.

11. Red Vein

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Red Vein’

This is a big nerve plant variety with large green leaves stylishly veined in a red-pink shade that makes it spectacular to look at.

12. Red Anne

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Red Anne’

This adorable fittonia variety is an ideal choice for terrariums. The plant produces mid-green leaves with intense pink-red variegation. It is one of the Most Beautiful Fittonias you can grow!

13. Pink Star

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Pink Star’

‘Pink Star’ is a special variety featuring small wavy leaves with broad pink veins that provide the entire plant quite a unique look.

14. Pink Vein

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Pink Vein’

Another large variety with big leaves adorned in beautiful deep pink-red veins, giving the plant a more attractive appearance.

15. Mini White

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Mini White’

Just as the name sounds, this small nerve plant has little green foliage textured with lovely white pronounced veins.

16. Pink Angel

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Pink Angel’

‘Pink Angel’ is an ornamental variety with tightly grown small leaves and intense pink coloring. It looks great in matching mini pots.

17. Mini Red Vein

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Mini Red Vein’

‘Mini Red Vein’ fittonia produces beautiful small green leaves designed in deep red-pink veins. Pair it with light foliaged plants for an awesome-looking plant collection.

18Mini Superba

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Mini Superba’

‘Mini Superba’ is an eye-catching variety with dense large green leaves with light pink veins. It has compact dimensions as compared to the ‘Superba.’

19. Leather Leaf

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Leather Leaf’

This pretty low-light houseplant displays leathery green foliage artistically designed in white veins. It is a perfect choice for low-light rooms.

20. Juanita

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Juanita’

‘Juanita’ is a gorgeous variety showcasing large leaves with bold red veins over a green background. The plant also gets charming pink-green hues.

21. Josan

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Josan’

‘Josan’ is a medium-sized beautiful fittonia, exhibiting green leaves patterned in rich red veins and windows. Plant it in a white pot for an attractive contrasting look.

22. Frankie

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Frankie’

Fittonia ‘Frankie’ is an exquisite variety with dark green foliage with more pink shade than green. This colorful nerve plant fits into any room of your home.

23. Daisy

Botanical Name: Fittonia ‘Daisy’

This beautiful nerve plant variety features large gray-green leaves patterned in white veins and margins. It looks super cute when paired with other varieties on this list.

24. Skeleton

Botanical Name: Fittonia albivenis ‘Skeleton’

This is a perfect specimen for terrariums. It offers brightly colored and variegated foliage with prominent veins in red hues. It is one of the Most Beautiful Fittonias you can grow!

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