Warm Up Your Home this Winter with these Colorful Houseplants

Warm up your home this Winter with these Colorful Houseplants and invite a vivid aura indoors for a festive vibe and spirit!

If you are suddenly feeling anxious, tired, sad, or lacking energy, well, don’t worry; cold months are coming! Welcome Winter with these Colorful Houseplants to lift your spirits and eliminate the winter melancholy.

Why Colorful Houseplants for Winter?

Studies have shown that indoor plants can have positive effects on well-being. Besides providing a soothing environment, reducing stress, or relaxing, indoor plants also stimulate us. This is exactly what we need to beat the winter blues, isn’t it?

To make the solution even more effective, you should include flowers in the mix. Indeed, colors have healing powers that can cheer anyone up! Blooms trigger happy emotions, heighten feelings of life satisfaction and affect social behavior in a positive manner.

Welcome Winter with these Colorful Houseplants

1. Red

Even if red is not recommended when it comes to the wall of your new bedroom, this color triggers a sense of vitality and boosts energy.

This warm color is good for passive people and those who always feel tired. Red also multiplies the senses, such as hearing, vision, and touch.

So what do you think about a Ranunculus bouquet in your bedroom or Poinsettias, Christmas cacti, or Geraniums? You have plenty of options!

2. Orange

Don’t forget to add some orange to your indoor design. Like red, it is a warm color, but it’s less exciting. It still cheers people up but in a softer way.

Seeing orange flowers such as Begonias makes people feel their bodies and minds relieved from pressures. Plus, orange fosters creative thinking by helping people at rock bottom get out of it and imagine new possibilities in life.

3. Yellow

If creative people love yellow, it is because it allows them to be even more creative. This cheerful color, associated with the sun’s brightness, helps stimulate intelligence.

Just be careful not to overuse it because it can lead to insomnia. So, just avoid putting those wonderful sunflowers in your bedroom. However, you have many other planting options like Sweet Potato Vine, Kalanchoe, and Black-eyed Susan.

4. Green

Because green is the color of nature, representing the Earth, it symbolizes growth and renewal. So green brings balance and comforts you. A Spider Plant is perfect for bringing harmony into a home. To see more such houseplants, click here.

5. Blue

Blue is probably the most famous color in terms of soothing. As the color symbolizes the sky and the sea, it is linked with serenity.

Blue calms strong emotions such as anger or hysteria. Grow Iris or Hydrangea inside your home, and you will definitely get rid of any rage signs.

If you feel distressed, the blue color will lower your blood pressure as well as your heart rate. A tranquility boost is guaranteed.

6. Violet

Along with purple and lavender, the violet color is linked with the cerebral and nervous systems. For that reason, it relaxes the mind by releasing any kind of emotional stress.

Violet heals different states of mind, like melancholy or hysteria, by bringing spiritual insights. For that matter, violet gives way to renewal and motivates transformation.

Simply grow African violets or pansies on your bedroom windowsill; this will help you sleep and have a positive effect the next day.

7. White

White is a sign of pureness, which is why it helps to eliminate all negative moods and reach the truth.

If winter makes you feel insecure, simply add Paperwhites into your indoor landscape design, and you’ll immediately feel the harmony getting the upper hand in every aspect of your life. Many other beautiful houseplants provide white colors, like Peace Lily, Jasmine, and Gardenia.

8. Magenta

Like violet, magenta is also a spiritual color. It helps strengthen the link with your life purpose. And because it is a little bit flashier than purple, it boosts adrenaline. At home, Tulips do the job perfectly well, or you can grow Orchids.

9. Pink

You see pink, and you automatically visualize candies and tender images from your childhood. Pink definitely brings some youth back and heals your grief and sadness because it means affection and protection.

For that matter, this bouquet of roses is going to please the whole family. You can also look at other plants like Pink Hibiscus, Geraniums, Polka-Dot, and Begonia.

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