How Often to Water a Snake Plant | Snake Plant Watering Tips

Want to know How Often to Water a Snake Plant? Check out these top Snake Plant Watering Tips, and keep your green friend in the best of its health!

Snake plants are extremely drought tolerant, so underwatering problems rarely arise. However, overwatering a snake plant can prove harmful since it leads to root rot. Check out our guide on Snake Plant Watering Tips and How Often to Water a Snake Plant to learn everything.

How Often to Water a Snake Plant?

If you are wondering–How Often to Water a Snake Plant, remember that the snake plant is a succulent and does not require too much water to grow. However, depending on the moisture level of the soil, you may have to water it less or more frequently.


As it gets quite warm in the summer months, you might have to water the snake plant frequently, depending on how dry or wet the topsoil is. Poke your finger into the growing medium once every 7-8 days and water if it feels dry to the touch.


During colder months, the growing medium will not lose moisture as rapidly as in warmer months, so you should water less frequently by checking the soil once in 12-14 days. Water only when you feel the top one inch getting a little dry.

Note: In any case, avoid watering the plant on a daily basis.

Watering Snake Plants According to the Location

The location of the snake plant plays a vital role when it comes to watering. If you are wondering How Often to Water a Snake Plant, read ahead:

  • If you are growing a snake plant indoors where it gets indirect light all day, then the growing medium may not become dry quickly, so water less often.
  • You can check the saturation level of the indoor snake plant once in 8 to 10 days by using a moisture meter or trying a finger test.
  • Remember, you are suggested to just create a schedule of checking the soil moisture, don’t make a schedule of watering after the interval of 8 days. Water only when the soil seems dry.
  • If the location of the snake plant is outdoors or on a patio or a balcony, it must be exposed to more bright and direct sunlight than indoors. In that circumstance, the growing medium will dry faster, and you should check the dampness level of the soil once in 5-7 days.

A Tip: Even if the topsoil feels a little dry, you can wait for a couple of days more as, being a succulent, it can go without water for quite a long time. 

What is the Right Pot Size for Snake Plants?

Pot size plays a vital role in How Often to Water a Snake Plant. If your plant is in a small pot than required or the container is full of pups, you may have to water it a little more frequently.

Similarly, if the snake plant is housed in a large container than required, then the extra growing medium will absorb excess moisture, which will keep the soil damp for a longer duration. In that case, the plant can go without water for almost a month.

Pro Tip: As a thumb rule, the pot needs to be just one size bigger than the root ball of the plant. This will ensure that the plant never sits in a bigger container than needed, saving it from the dangers of overwatering.

A Quick Soil Check Before Watering Snake Plants

Even if the topsoil is slightly moist, the snake plant is sufficiently hydrated and does not require more water. Wait until the soil is dry, and then water the plant.

You can use a moisture meter or poke your finger into the growing medium to see whether it is dry or not.

Tip: Always water the snake plant thoroughly, making sure the soil gets properly wet till the water starts to seep out from the drainage holes at the bottom. 

Snake Plant Watering Tips

  • Avoid using tap water if you can while watering this easy-to-grow houseplant. It will eliminate the chances of excessive chlorine and calcium build-up in the soil. Use RO, rain, well, or lake water. You can also keep the tap water overnight in a bucket and use it the other day. This will make the excess salts settle down at the bottom.
  • If you are not sure How Often to Water a Snake Plant, then here’s a tip – always water it thoroughly till the water drains out from the hole at the bottom, making sure the soil is properly wet. Avoid watering it bit by bit. And wait–till the soil dries out to water again
  • Do not wet the foliage while watering this plant to avoid fungal issues or other diseases. Watering around the base of the plant is best, or follow the bottom watering method.
  • Choose a pot or container with sufficient drainage holes at the bottom, and always use a well-draining potting mix.
  • No matter the urge, do not water the plant regularly. It would be a good idea to keep it away from the other houseplants in your collection so that you don’t accidentally end up watering it with them frequently.
  • Do not water the plant with excessively hot or cold water, as it may shock the roots. Always ensure the water is at room temperature.
  • Avoid using the plant mister for your snake plant. Why? Because it’s a succulent, not a regular houseplant.

Which one of these Snake Plant Watering Tips did you like most? Do you have a suggestion on How Often to Water a Snake Plant for our readers? Please share in the comments!

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