22 Smashing Ideas for Planting Pothos in Unique Styles

Love Pothos and Philodendrons? If yes, check out these Ideas for Planting Pothos in Unique Styles in this post.

Being a houseplant, Pothos invites positive vibes, purifies air quality, boosts productivity, reduces stress, and creates a tropical oasis with its lush vining foliage. How about utilizing its beauty to grace your interiors? Find the best Ideas for Planting Pothos in the Unique Styles displayed below!

Ideas for Planting Pothos in Unique Style

1. Variegated Pothos Vining Across the Wall

Very nice idea to direct the long pothos vines through the parallel shelves!

2. Hanging Pothos Brass Bowls

For this idea, you need a visit to your kitchen. Bring the most creative item from there that you can use as a container and plant a trailing plant like pothos in that. And yes, don’t forget to drill a drainage hole.

3. Pothos Vines Circling the Mirror

Transform the look of an ordinary wall mirror by vining this beauty around it.

4. Golden Gracing Reigning the Mirror Wall

One of the easiest Ideas for Planting Pothos in a unique style is to train it across the wall around a mirror.

5. Hanging Pothos Wall Decor

Like this idea? Check out its tutorial video here.

6. Pothos Vining up Hexagonal Wall Stakes

Unique and beautiful! All you need is a hexagonal wall stake and nicely growing Pothos in planters.

7. Marble Queen Pothos in a Staked Pot

Staked pot can serve as one of the best Ideas for Planting Pothos in a Unique Style. Buy one for yourself or DIY using one of these ideas here.

8. Pothos Garden in Glass Tubes

Growing Pothos in water is easy, and you can keep them anywhere as centerpieces.

9. Neon Pothos in Upcycled Spice Bottle Holders

Are you into recycling and reusing? This unique pothos planting idea is for you.

10. Pothos Propagating in Skull Jars

Something spooky and cool! A must-try for Halloween, but it is something that will look great year-round anyways.

12. Silver Satin Pothos Pot Wreath

Pot wreaths make for cute centerpieces. Make one trailing a Silver Satin Pothos on a circular stake.

13. Trailing Marble Queen Centerpiece

Not just small but big staked pots look great too! A beautiful Pot, a tall stake, and a gorgeous Pothos are all you need.

14. Pothos Growing in a Bulb Planter

Surely tops the list of Ideas for Planting Pothos in a Unique Style! Grab one Edison bulb and craft this today.

15. Pothos Climbing up the Hoop Stakes

Attach a few embroidery hoops to your living room wall and watch this climbing beauty making its track around the room.

16. Marble Queen Gracing the Book Shelf

Accompany your favorite books with this beauty queen! They look gorgeous together.

17. Pothos Dangling Down the Cabinet

Give that bland cabinet a flush of greenery. Place the Pothos pot above it and let the vines dangle down in style.

18. Lush Devil’s Ivy Vining around a Round Stake

The heart-shaped leaves are a sheer beauty and match well with roped round stakes. Make one for yourself.

19. Silver Pothos Hanging in Metal Hoop Planter

Hoop planters literally never go out of style! Add to the jazz with hanging macrame and a showy ceramic for displaying your Silver Pothos.

20. Arch of Lush Pothos in the Entrance

An arch of lush pothos vines will add welcoming and lively vibes to your entrance.

21. Pothos Curtain around the Window

Pothos do best in dappled sunlight, so trailing it along a bright window will help the plant thrive happily.

22. Indoor Pothos Arch Garden

Give a jungle-like appeal to one of your rooms by trying this idea.

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