20 Functional Indoor Ladder Planter Ideas

Take inspiration from these Indoor Ladder Planter Ideas to grow more houseplants with style in the limited space of your home.

You can select one of these indoor ladder plant holder designs to have a similar one in your home. This way, you’ll be able to create more vertical space for your favorite plants.

Beautiful Indoor Ladder Planter Ideas

1. Metal Plant Ladder

Metal ladder planters are sturdy options and will support heavy planters without the risk of collapsing down.

2. Indoor Ladder Garden

Flaunt your woodworking skills by building this cedar ladder for plants. You’ll need cedar boards, wood glue, nails, and other essentials. Tutorial is here.

3. DIY Mini Plant Ladder

Mini plant ladders are useful as they hold more planters than any horizontal spot would do. You can also place them on the windowsill or porch and move them with ease.

4. IKEA Plant Ladder

Not just self-made, but you can try IKEA options too. They come in various shapes and sizes and will suit the aesthetics of your interiors perfectly.

5. Herb Garden on a Ladder

A vintage library ladder is used creatively to hold wood planters indoors containing basil, rosemary, thyme, sage, and mint.

6. Ladder by the Window

This slanted ladder by the window is used as a plant holder. You can do that too!

7. Flower Ladder Planter

This powder blue ladder is accentuating the beauty of plants. This shows that picking the right color for your ladder planter is very important.

8. Wooden Flower Pot Stand

You can easily DIY a wooden plant stand like this one and use it to grow plants.

9. A Modern Ladder

This triangle ladder plant stand mimics a windmill look. It also offers a good space to grow multiple plants together. You can buy it from Amazon.

10. Country Style Ladder Shelf Planter

Not only ornamental plants, but you can also place succulents and seedlings on ladder shelves like these.

11. Outdoor Ladder Plant Stand

This outdoor ladder plant stand, with different sections, is a great space-saving measure.

12. Modern+Rustic

Copy this more than perfect modern+rustic style ladder planter arrangement for your home. For this one, a vintage ladder is used to fit galvanized metal buckets!

13. Plant Stand Hanger Ladder

This is an innovative solution to grow different plants in a well-lit corner of any room.

14. Small Wooden Stand

Small yet functional, its compact size makes it great for urban apartments.

15. Garden Arch Ladder

A ladder with an arch–can also be used to grow vines to make them look more attractive.

16. Paintings, Blue Pot, and a Ladder

The combination of paintings, a large blue-colored pot, and a ladder in a room look simply wow!

17. A Shape Plant Stand

This A-shape plant stand ladder can be an excellent plant decor element with plants.

18. Standing Tall

A tall ladder at the corner of a jungle room is a brilliant way to group plants together.

19. Repurposed Ladder Planter

If you’ve got an old aluminum ladder, you can use it this way.

20. Vertical Ladder Basket Planter

Follow this easy tutorial here to make an indoor ladder planter with baskets.

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