14 Beautiful Snake Plants that Flower | Best Sansevieria Flowers

Here are some of the most Beautiful Snake Plants that Flower! They carry an intense fragrance and can be an excellent addition to your home!

Popular as one of the most versatile houseplants, sansevieria can also bloom fragrant blossoms! Here are the most stunning Snake Plants that Flower!

Stunning Snake Plants that Flower

1. Sansevieria kirkii ‘Star sansevieria’

This snake plant variety is popular for its 3-4 feet long dark green leaves. It flowers rarely, producing large conical white or pale pink blooms with a fresh scent.

2. Sansevieria fischeri

This compact snake plant grows up to 12-16 inches tall. In the right growing conditions, the plant flowers white blooms during summer.

3. Sansevieria Parva ‘Kenya Hyacinth’

It features light green narrow leaves with dark patterns in a rosette form. ‘Kenya Hyacinth’ offers pink-white flowers when the growing conditions are right.

4. Sansevieria eilensis ‘Chahin’

This drought-tolerant sansevieria sports blue-green foliage. Give it plenty of bright light, and the plant will bloom spiky white flowers up to 8-12 inches long.

5. Sansevieria cylindrica ‘Boncel’

‘Boncel’ displays tubular gray-green spikes, and the long flower stems are the main attraction of this plant in a pink-white hue.

6. Sansevieria ‘Bacularis’

This snake plant cultivar has dark green leaves with light crossbands and soft tips. In spring, it blooms yellow-white flowers that can grow upto 2-3 feet tall.

7. Sansevieria burmanica

Native to India, it boasts linear-lanceolate leaves with light blue bands. The plant looks more beautiful when it grows panicle-like white-green blossoms.

8. Sansevieria trifasciata

This popular variety shows off dark green leaves that can grow upto 2-3 feet tall. It produces white or cream blooms that resemble lilies.

9. Sansevieria zebra ‘Siam Silver’

Siam Silver is popular for its lance-like foliage with linear silver gray and green stripes. During summer, it grows tall spikes of white flowers.

10. Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Hahnii’

This beautiful variety offers green-white or yellow blossoms with an intense fragrance. Keep it in bright but indirect light for the best growth and blooms.

11. Sansevieria cylindrica

Sansevieria cylindrica is popular for its stiff green foliage and clusters of green-white fragrant blossoms in a tubular shape with a pinkish tint.

12. Sansevieria ‘Moonshine’

Also famous as Sansevieria craigii, Sansevieria laurentii superb, and Sansevieria jacquinii, this snake plant displays fragrant white flowers.

13. Sansevieria ‘Black Coral’

This Sansevieria trifasciata cultivar exhibits small clusters of fragrant white blooms during summer, which perfectly match its dark black-green foliage.

14. Sansevieria stuckyi

This variety has unusual dark green and long leaves. It displays white-pink flowers that carry intense fragrance during the nighttime.

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