18 Brilliant Herbs in Glass Jar Ideas

Try these Herbs in Glass Jar Ideas to propagate your favorite herbs in soil or water, or use these ideas to keep them fresh for a long.

You can keep these Herbs in Glass Jar Ideas and enjoy fresh, flavorful herbs without having a lot of space!

Herbs in Glass Jar Ideas

1. Herb Garden on the Wall

Utilize the empty space on the wall and hang glass jars carrying herbs. Balcony walls that receive 2-3 hours of bright morning sunlight are the best spots for this option.

Suspending the herb jars on the wall will keep them from competing for light and save your horizontal space that can be utilized to grow other veggies and flowers.
2. Big Jars for Storing Herb Cuttings

Use the bigger jars for storing herb cuttings. This will keep them dry and free from diseases, which you can later use for culinary purposes or further rooting in the garden.

For best preservation, fill one-fourth of the container with water and store the cuttings. This will keep them fresh for a longer time.

3. Basil in a Glass Jar

The fragrant bright green basil leaves look lovely in a glass jar filled with water. Rooting this tender herb in a water jar will help the cuttings grow at a steadier speed than in soil, as the roots require a constantly moist medium to thrive well.

Also, you can monitor the root growth easily in a transparent jar.

4. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Grow your favorite herbs in mason jars; fill some good-quality soil, and sprinkle the hybrid seeds that root well with minimal maintenance.

The best part about this method is you can grow a herb garden right on your kitchen window box or on the sill that gets plenty of bright light

5. Herbs in Glass Terrarium

Grace up your interiors by displaying a herb terrarium on the center table. Make sure the room gets plenty of bright light to help the herbs thrive.

A glass terrarium will create a mini greenhouse that’ll boost the herb’s growth besides misting the air with an earthy aroma.

6. Herbs in Salvaged Starbucks Glass Jars

Don’t trash Starbucks bottles after enjoying your coffee; recycle them to propagate mini herbs. The broad base of the bottles will provide enough space for roots to spread, and the narrow neck will hold the stems in place.

You can also use them to display cut flowers in style.

7. Rosemary, Oregano, and Thyme in Grocery Jars

Line aromatic herbs in grocery jars on your kitchen windowsill so you can quickly snip fresh leaves to garnish your salads and sandwiches.

Include the non-woody tender varieties like Rosemary, Thyme, Basil, and Sage, for their shallow roots don’t need much space and will easily thrive in the containers. Ensure to mist the medium often for ample growth.

8. Mini Mason Jar Herb Garden

You can also put the small mason jars to good use by rooting the shallow root herbs like Sage, Mint, and Parsley in them. Drill enough holes and fill them with a good-quality mix to harvest a handful of new leaves weekly.

Do not snip more than three-fourth of the plant in one go to keep the plant growing.

9. Fennel In a Shallow Jar

Fill a shallow jar with water, and put a fennel bulb in it with the base facing down. Place it on a bright window and change the water every 2-3 days. You’ll notice new growth in 10-15 days.

10. Cilantro in Tall Glasses

Utilize the tall glasses to propagate Cilantro from cuttings. It is the most functional herbs in glass jar idea on this list, as you can simply hold the glass to shift it to any corner of the house.

11. Mint in a Glass of Water

Just like Cilantro, you can propagate Mint in glasses easily. Just fill the glass with water and submerge the cuttings. Leave it at a well-lit spot and change the water every alternate day.

12. Suspended Wall Herb Garden

Make a living wall piece by attaching glass jars to a wooden board hanging on the wall. Ensure the spot receives enough sunlight.

Not just a herb garden, but it will also serve as an attractive indoor decor.

13. Herbs Jars Hung on Wooden Boards

You do not even need a windowsill or balcony for this idea. Get some wooden boards, S-hooks, and glass jars to mimic this clever garden idea.

The tilted position will ensure maximum sunlight exposure and air circulation, enriching their flavors.

14. Self-Watering Mason Jar Herb Garden

Perfect for busy plant parents, this self-watering herb garden will take care of its watering needs while you are away. Install this arrangement beside a sunny window to make up for the herbs’ sunlight requirements.

15. Hydroponic Herb Garden

This hydroponic herb garden is an easy and functional way to enjoy the fresh flavors at your fingertips. All you need to care about is changing the water every alternate day to avoid any fungal issues.

16. Herb Jars by the Window

The best part about growing herbs in jars is that you can cultivate them in the smallest of spaces. Line them on the windowsill and enjoy a lush, earthy aroma with every breeze.

17. Suspended Herb Jars by the Sink

Make the most of the available vertical space growing herbs. The space behind the sink will compensate for their humidity needs, growing lusher flavorful leaves.

18. An Array of Aromatic Herbs

Line your favorite herbs in salvaged glass jars by the window. This way, you can enjoy a plateful of delicious herbs in a limited space without any extensive garden setup.

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