7 Stunning Images of Coleus in Hanging Baskets

Homiful.com — If you need something to brighten a shady corner, try placing a coleus plant there. This plant is so popular with its colorful leaves that can brighten up any space and garden instantly. There are at least 300 kinds of coleus species, at least you should have one at home, right? Besides being planted in ordinary pots, coleus also do well in hanging baskets. As inspirations, we’ve gathered 7 Stunning Images of Coleus in Hanging Baskets.

Coleus ‘Kong Rose’ in a Hanging Basket


Coleus plants can live lush and large in ideal conditions and ordinary pots. However, if you want to have a coleus that can beautify the shady vertical space, you can choose this coleus ‘Kong Rose’ plant. They can grow well in a hanging basket. It’s just these plants may not be as dense when planted in ordinary pots.

Mix coleus in hanging basket


There are 300 types of coleus species with more than 1500 different varieties. Choosing one may be confusing. The solution, just make a hanging basket with various varieties’ coleus plants. A variety of coleus with different colors of foliage will give a splash of color and freshness.

Kong coleus in hanging basket


This is a type of coleus with a classic color combination. This plant features a bright magenta color in the middle that emerges as a burgundy color and outward into yellowish green leaves. They are so pretty placed on a hanging basket in white like this. Brings sweet freshness to the vertical space.

Lush coleus in a hanging basket


You can bring coleus plants in your hanging basket recipe at home. This large basket features Terra Nova Coleus Marrakesh, Aloha Kona Hot Orange, Calibrachoa, and BananaⓇ Peach. The Terra Nova Coleus plant has very lush foliage in burgundy and yellow tones, which are perfect for a lush and colorful hanging basket.

Kong Lime Sprite Coleus in hanging basket


Kong lime sprite is a coleus variety with large leaves. The size can reach the size of an adult hand. They are so pretty, with a lime green and a mahogany red. Planting and good care on the hanging basket will still make the leaves grow big and beautiful like this one.

Proper care for coleus in hanging basket


You can use coleus plants in a hanging basket to beautify the outside area of the house. Hanging it on a balcony railing or front area will instantly beautify the area. Even so, pay attention to proper care. Coleus plant prefer warm atmosphere with 6 hours of direct sunlight in the morning. However, some coleus plants do well even in direct sunlight all day long in humid area.

Pick a good basket for coleus


Coleus plants like moist soil. Muddy and soggy soil can cause root disease. Thus, make sure you choose a pot or basket that has holes at the bottom, to allow water to drain down and not settle and make the soil too wet. They need good drainage even in a hanging basket.

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