Lamborghini’s next supercar will feature an entirely new V-12

Lamborghini last week unveiled the final version of its Aventador, and confirmed the car, known as the Ultimae, would be its last fitted with a non-electrified V-12.

For the Aventador’s successor, which we could see as early as 2022, Lamborghini will go with a V-12 in a plug-in hybrid configuration.

The V-12 won’t be the same 6.5-liter unit found in the Aventador, however. It will be an entirely new design, Lamborghini boss Stephan Winkelmann told Autoblog in an interview following the reveal of the Aventador Ultimae.

A new V-12 is a big deal for Lamborghini. The company has only ever had two V-12s. The first debuted in Lamborghini’s first model, the 350 GT of the 1960s, and continued, albeit with updates, right on through to the Murcielago. A new V-12 was then developed for the Aventador. It develops 769 hp in the Aventador Ultimae and 830 hp in the Aventador-based Essenza SCV12 track car.

As for the new V-12, Winkelmann is holding back details but did reveal to Autoblog that nothing will be shared with the Aventador’s engine. The hybrid technology will also be new, with Winkelmann revealing that there also won’t be anything shared with the Aventador-based Sian mild-hybrid. There also won’t be any turbocharging, he said.

Interestingly, Winkelmann also revealed to Autoblog that Lamborghini could still launch future track-only cars with non-electrified V-12s, but said nothing has been decided at this moment.

As for the Aventador’s successor, all Winkelmann was willing to confirm was that it will feature carbon-fiber construction, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, and active aerodynamic technology.

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