7 Plants that Survive a Zero Sunlight Bathroom

Homiful.com — Choosing ornamental plants for the bathroom can have a big impact and change the air circulation to be fresher. Good space conditions in the bathroom are very suitable for placing tropical plants and other types. Using ornamental plants to be place in the bathroom is a challenge in itself. In addition to having to consider the light, temperature and humidity, you can pay attention to several other small things, With the list of plants, you can choose them in the following discussion:

Snake plant


Snake plants are one of the easiest plants to grow in any room. One of them is the bathroom. This plant can provide more benefits to the room, especially the bathroom, to remove harmful toxins to provide freshness.

Spider plant


The next is an indoor plant type spider plant that grows as a hanging plants. This plant gas green varieties that are diverse and easy to propagate. This spider plant can remove pollutants from the air to act as a formaldehyde cleaner in products in the room.



Pothos, also known as epipremnum aureum or devil’s ivy. Thrives in various rooms, even in low light. This plant lover humidity, so it is perfect for filling the bathroom space at home.

Dracaena marginata


Dracaena marginata is an ornamental plant that is often planted in urban landscape areas or home gardens. Besides being suitable for the yard, this plant is very appropriate if place in the bathroom, which cam makes the air cooler and cleaner. Even in low light, this plant is hardy about it.

Air plant


It is an ornamental plant that may look a little strange. But this plant can live easily without soil media, without watering to without fertilization. You can place it in the bathroom  by attaching it to the wall or hanging it on a rod.



This beautiful and exotic plants is here for the home bathroom, which will bring a tropical and bright atmosphere. With low maintenance and long-lasting growth, you can have this plant that doesn’t really need too much light. So when it fits for the bathroom at home.



Some philodendron varieties might work in the bathroom that have large, fresh green heart-shaped leaves. This plant can thrive indoors all year round with indirect sunlight. Clean the leaves regularly to help absorb light and keep the plant healthy.

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