7 Succulents and Cacti You Can Eat!

Homiful.com — Succulents are unusual and fascinating ornamental plants to grow. Did you know Succulents can be eaten? Yes, certain types of Succulents are safe and healthy to consume.

Succulent have captured the hearts of many people.

Here is a list of the 7 Succulent and cacti you can eat! Arbitrary? Check it out down below!

1. Aloe vera


Many people are already know that Aloe Vera is a plant with numerous health and beauty benefits. The plants is also suggested for consumption because it contains vitamin and antioxidants.

To eat them, you must first remove the outer bark of leaves. Then add the drink.

2. Barel cactus


Barrel cactus or known by another name Fero cactus is the second edible cactus. They have a hard and prickly body, but who would have thought, the have edible fruits.

Their fruits are yellow and contain healthy vitamins.

3. Dragon Fruit


Another popular and edible type of Succulent is Dragon fruit. Just as the name suggest, they have bright red fruits like dragons.

The plant grows a lot in the tropics. To preach the fruits, you need to cut them. It can be eaten directly or made other delicious preparations.

4. Prickly Pear Cactus


Prickly pear cactus is a plant that has brightly colored and attractive fruits. You must be immediately interested when you see them

How to eat the fruit, you can eat the flesh inside.

5. Purslane plant


The plant is easy to grow. Purslane plant contains Omega 3 and other vitamins. You can grow them at home by root cuttings on the front plot of the house.

6. Salicornia


The following Succulent plants are easy to grow and adapt. Salicornia is often used for foodstuffs. The way to process Salicornia is by Sauteing or directly can be eaten raw.

The plant is rich in healthy protein.

7. Saguaro


Saguaro is a cactus that can grow tall with beautiful white flowers. They have edible fruits. The taste is sweet, you can mix salsa. Saguaro fruits have vitamin C and are rich in fiber.

Those are the Succulent and cacti you can eat. Hopefully, the information above is useful.

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